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Imperfect Circles – known by her birth name Sylvie Renault, was born in Ischia (NA) in 1976. She graduated in Graphic Design and Advertising Illustration at IED. She furthered her knowledge with a master’s degree in Fashion Art Direction.

From a painterly point of view, her production is inspired by the studies of Sufi philosophy, which envisages seven distinct levels of evolution of being aimed at approaching understanding and Divine essence, and also by the teachings of Master Osho.

Often her works are the result of synesthetic experiences, which include music: this is how journeys between the sense of sight and that of hearing come to life. A chromo-formal agglomerate made of lines, vortexes, curves, and coloristic expressions is the painterly alphabet through which the author’s emotions are unveiled, in the face of which the observer is engaged by an intense emotional activity.

This task is entrusted to Sylvie’s multiple (irregular) circles that constitute her stylistic hallmark: set against delicately colored backgrounds, they are charged with vitality and joy, projecting the viewer onto another perspective of harmony and beauty. Indeed, the circle, devoid as it is of corners and edges, symbolizes harmony and, thanks to the absence of oppositions, translates the undifferentiated into equality of principles. A metaphor for the spirit and the immateriality of the soul, it is therefore traceable to an intellectual and spiritual dimension.

However, Renault’s circles also suggest biological forms. Moreover, the lattice formed by the reiteration of the circular silhouette also seems like a journey through the deepest spaces of human introspection. In this way, a sign forest comes to life that refers to the complexity of the baroque (barrueco, irregular pearl), a style rich in decorations, aiming to strike the imagination with perspective effects and bold and virtuoso formal solutions, an intention subsequently taken up by the intricate phytoform pattern of Art Nouveau.

Since 1989, the painter has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in major Italian and foreign cities, including Rome, Naples, Olbia, Turin, Padua, Milan, London, and New York. In particular, among her solo exhibitions, to name but a few: “MesAlfie”, Bibliothé Contemporary Art Gallery, Rome 2017; “I want to thank you so much for…”, Spazio Veneziano, Rome, 2016; “Imperfect Circles”, Artport Corner (Olbia Airport), Olbia, and Ecos Gallery, Rome, 2013.

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