Review by May Abboud – Institute of Fine Arts of Beirut

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Those who, like me, met Sylvie in June 2011 and saw her work then will notice the immense leap of the “girl” of that time, who has now become a great painter.
I never would have thought that such a vast jump in the “ungrateful” world of Art could be possible for this delicate girl, fearful of an uncertain future, especially for today’s artists.
I know something about this: I spent my life trying to explain to people, to my students at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Beirut, that ceramics (my specialty) and terracotta are not “minor arts”, but “major arts”, having been the first expression of man on this earth!
So, I am familiar with all the challenges faced by those who wish to express themselves artistically and make it their livelihood. Nowadays, it’s even more challenging.
But Sylvie, who carries within her very name a “forest” and has the distinct ability to endure everything, to be persistent and determined, managed with her courage to overcome the difficulties of modern life.
The beautiful music of MesAlfie adds beauty and rhythm to her circles, making them even more harmonious. Each canvas takes us on a deep journey, far into her cosmos of circles.
From the painting “The Secret of May” to “A dime in a bag”, there is a chasm of difference and evolution! Certainly, all her works were already beautiful. But now a rainbow of thousands of colors has burst forth, filled with hope, opening towards a better world, and this is the message from Sylvie’s universe.
I have always taught my students that Art, above all, must touch the heart. And it is this feeling that struck me in her works. I thank her for this. Well done, Sylvie.

May Abboud,
Beirut 22/11/2016

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