I would like to commit as many mistakes as possible and I would like to go on committing mistakes to the very end of my last breath, because that means life. Osho close

Sylvie Renault

Sylvie Renault, a painting between linearity and circularity. And enveloping.

My painting works on contradictory poles: on one hand I insist on a series of spherical multiplicities (circles, rounds, circular and enveloping figures), on the other I focus on a univocal and centered perception. 

There is a mathematical and rational sensation, and another playfully and irrational one: in some ways, in fact, spheres are aligned and ordered, and never annoyingly overlapping; and in other ways spheres fall on the contrary, with elegant dignity, in a playful and proudly unsatisfied tension: soap bubbles moving towards the sky, balloons thrown upwards in the unstoppable desire of a child, dynamic and musical hula hoops, even rhythmic and perhaps singing.

The dialectical dance of contrast could continue insisting on the chromatic strength and then ending up on an amused skirmish of motherhood and offspring, with “main” figures who see alongside and cling their minor and reduced solutions, but no less alive and vivids.
And each work could also end in the sense of celebration and magic that these circular figures offer and give.

Indeed, the interaction between identity and diversity is experienced here in the most complex and philosophically richest forms: they refer to uniqueness that cannot (and do not want) bend to homogeneity, and to collectivities that have expertly internalized the need for each uniqueness to not be isolated and  locked in oneself, imploding: a common multiple unity, a dense group of partial and minute subjects, however present. 

These dialectical sensations, which are postponed and doubled from the view of each spectator, are objective and subjective, minimum and maximum; and because the true circle I am establishing is the one with those who look at the work and immerses himself (almost swimming) in these imperfections that are neither exhibited nor sought. 

Aware of a bond that every sincerity goes to build in dialogue and mutual and circular vision that continues to bring out leaks, separations, encounters, crossings, solidarity.

Contact, clash, opposite,contrary, addition, negation, circle, vortex, agglomerate of feelings.
A fantastic landscape where emotions turn into colour, disclosing what I feel.
I am.
On my canvas, as in life, mistakes are not cancelled or disguised.
Simply accepted.
Because to make mistakes means to live.
Falling in love with my circles, you will fall in love with yourselves.
Because I am telling about everyone.
About all of us, so perfectly imperfect.

Sylvie Renault


Contatto, scontro, opposto, contrario, addizione o sottrazione.
Cerchio,vortice, agglomerato di sensazioni, paesaggio fantastico in cui muoiono speranze e depressioni, rivivono i ricordi.
L’emozione si trasforma in colore, rende visibile ciò che provo.
Questa la mia pittura. La pittura di Sylvie Renault.
Artista dei Cerchi Imperfetti.
Pittrice Imperfetta, donna Imperfetta,
Come nella vita, sulle mie tele gli errori non si cancellano, non si camuffano.
Nè si sottolineano.
Semplicemente si accettano.
Diventando così valore portante dell’opera, come della vita stessa.
Perché sbagliare è vivere.
Innamorarsi dei miei cerchi vi farà innamorare di voi stessi.
Perché è di tutti che racconto.
Di tutti noi perfettamente imperfetti.

Sylvie Renault